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The history of merchant guilds in Coventry goes back at least to 1267. The original roles of the guilds included providing training for their professions and ensuring the quality of what was produced.

The National Archives record a Company of Worsted Weavers, Coventry, from circa 1448; and a Company and Fellowship of Worsted Weavers and Silk Weavers, City of Coventry, from 1628.

In 1703 the worsted weavers of Coventry, whose trade had then lately improved, were separated from the silk weavers to form their own company as a member of the guilds of the city.

In modern times the Worsted Weavers and other guilds of the city continue in a charitable role.

The Worsted Weavers guild plans a charitable musical evening in the Spring of 2014, in support of children with cancer.

For further information, including on ways to support the evening, email the organisers.